Industrial Electric Convection Oven


Suitable for tart,buns,pastry ,bread ,biscuit,snacks.
Gas and electric type according to customer’s requirement.
According to the customer production volume are divided into 10/8/5/4 trays and other types
Individual and sectional controlled. Can be adjusted for different baking products
Special design, solve the problem of traditional tunnel oven that two sides’ temperatures are high, but the middle’s is too low
Sectional control, solve the problem caused by chain breaking when thermal expansion happen.
Luxurious and artistic appearance,Multi-functional,Small size,energy-saving ,Large yield,Baking evenly.
The height of Every deck can be adjusted, with strong lighting, steaming, Automatic temperature control, Limit temperature protection etc.
In a position to add with an under-frame,or fermentation box,fermentation and baking integration, the largest space-saving
There are computer panel control and manual panel control can be choose