Why Do Women Age Faster?

Why do women age faster?

By Francis Ewherido
Sometime ago, I listened to Ms Grace Zemaye Egbagbe, lawyer and
television personality, on Metrofile, Channels Television. Her hostess asked
her the secret of her youthful looks. She responded that two reasons make
women age faster: husbands and children. In other words, she looks young
partly because she does not have a husband (Although she said she still
nurses the hope of getting married someday if the right man comes along)
and has only two children to contend with.
As a husband and father, it got me thinking. How do husbands and children
contribute to fast tracking the ageing of women? Unfortunately Egbagbe did
not elaborate, so let us take it from there. I do not believe married women
age faster than single women. But I believe that husbands can make wives
age faster and vice versa. However, husbands or children do not necessarily
make women age faster. There are many other factors at play: peace,
happiness, financial state and state of mind, lifestyle, illnesses among others.
When Jesus visited Mary and Martha (Luke 40: 41 – 42); Martha
complained to Jesus that Mary had left all the chores for her. Jesus told
Martha that she worried about too many things that only one thing

In marriage, that one thing is peace of mind. If you have peace of
mind, you have it all; without peace of mind, you can age geometrically.
And just as Jesus observed, some people worry about too many things.
Everything is an issue, everything is a big deal. Some cry wolf where none
exists. Some belong to the group of people one of my priests, Fr. Tobias
Nwafor, described as creators of worries, those who worry because there is
nothing to worry about. Take your marriage very serious to make it work,
however, do not take everything that happens in your marriage too serious.
If you do, you will not only age faster, you might suffer a stroke or die of a
heart attack.

“Battles” are inevitable in marriage, but you must choose your “battles”
carefully. Leave trivial and petty issues and stick to fundamentals…pick the mirror
and see only your youthful self.